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You try to adopt best practices for your music, and your on-air talent.  What are the best practices for Messaging and Production?



What makes a compelling radio script, no matter the length?  I can teach you or your staff, or write them for you.

Production Services

Producing is quicker and easier than ever. Connecting to the listener is not. A $15 Sweeper can do it though.


Give your people confidence in message creation, spot writing, voice talents and production management.

Consulting and Coaching

Do you have a strategy to communicate what your station is about?


How can you use produced content to tactically execute your station's strategic goals?


Questions we can answer  



What's a good year round fundraising strategy? What should I produce for my fundraiser? And how many pieces?

Many people would say "stories."  But what kind of stories?  How many?  What frequency?  Sterling answers the question no one else is looking at - which makes all the difference.  What should I air before, during and after the fundraiser?  More importantly:  What should be my YEAR ROUND produced audio strategy for fundraising?

What makes a good imaging strategy?

You may have a great consultant, and a great programmer at your station, but do they get to the nuts and bolts of accomplishing a programming strategy?  Sterling can advise you how to structure sweeper categories, and how those sweepers can cause your listeners to love your station more.

What tools can I use to produce better?

You might think this question is about which piece of software, and/or which plug-ins should I use?  That's only part of it.  The bigger question is "what thought process can I use to connect better with my listeners?"  Sterling has studied this for years, and can advise many ways to enhance your creative toolbox.

How do I make a client's spot more interesting?

Do you need a killer spec spot?  How do you connect a product or service to a listener.  How do I handle a client who wants to tell their own story?  You've come to the right place.

How do I get my audio to match my brand?

 I can get your Program Director, your Promotions, and your Air Staff all on the same page.  You can have cohesiveness and creativity!  Your imaging and production should reflect your station's particular style, and reflect YOUR community.

Concepts and Copywriting
 Connect, sell, and entertain.  Get attention. Don't burn. Make them as short as possible.  Do it day after day - with an empty idea bank.



Learn to write more emotional and compelling messaging.


Or have it written for you.

Copywriting - It's not the favorite job in radio.  Except for me.  Because weird.

-Sterling Tarrant


The Biggest Filler of Airtime EVERYDAY.

Your Production Person is your most un-noticed noticed DJ.

Their voice may not be the one heard the most, but what comes out of their brain IS.  Only your music has more time on the air  than they do.  And since produced pieces have a higher tendency to cause tune out. When's the last time you gave yours a tune up?

How do I define my station's production personality?

...It's a combination of working with the Program Director and Production Director, and your consultant if you have one. We'll help you develop guidelines that match your station's personality to your goals.

Can you just produce it for me?

Absolutely! And for less than you expect.  Production costs have really gone down.  If we use your music and your announcers, you'll be surprised at how affordable it is.



The Radio Railroad

Creating audio productions is just like a railroad.  You have to move goods or people to the place you want them.  This seminar starts with the basics, helps you get ideas, and explains what you need to have in every single spot

How to Set Up the Shop

A good production person is both right and left brained.  You can discover how to be creative and manage the creative

Real Life Productions

This is the nuts and bolts of connecting with your listeners, and the concepts are both for messaging/production and on-air.

What Makes a Good Voice Actor?

There are certain characteristics to look for, and finding them and directing them is easier than you think.


The Production Alliance

It's important for the Program Director and the Production Director to be on the same page.  This will give them common language and enable them to define what makes a good production.

CSI: Schenectady

This is a quick and simple acrostic to help you remember everything you need in a well balanced message.

Creative Ideas

Creative Writing

Creative Production

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